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PSY 291: Adulthood & Aging: APA Style

APA Format

The American Psychological Association format for reference citations is different from what you may have learned in your English composition class. It is the format that we use for all psychology papers. Here, we give credit to our sources both in the text of the paper, and as a list at the end of the paper. The citations in the text of the paper should match the ones at the end of the paper. Only cite references that you have actually used in writing the paper.

 Follow these formats exactly. Pay attention to punctuation, capitalization, use of the first initial of the name, etc. You may use the citations in your textbook as a guide. I have listed some examples below.

Need More APA Help?

In addition to the tips & tricks included in your full assignment instructions, you can check out one of these websites for help with APA::

Helpful Books