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ECE Block : Balanced Reading Program

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Four Pillars of a Balanced Reading Program

Part 1 – Interactive Read Aloud

Part 2 – Independent Reading

Part 3 – Guided Reading/Book Clubs/Literature Groups

Part 4 – Family-school Partnerships

Suggested Journals

Written for reading teachers of children up to age 12, it provides practical,evidence-based teaching ideas to meet the needs of all learners.
A professional journal for elementary and middle school teachers and teacher educators, it provides a forum for discussions on all aspects of language arts learning and teaching, primarily as they relate to children in pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade.

You can also use WISE to search by journal:

Using the Children's Library

Remember, there are 4 collections housed withing the Children's Room in McGill Library.

  • Picture Book Collection (Ages 0-5/6): Includes books appropriate for children aged approximately 0 - 5/6.  Both fiction and non-fiction works are included.  Books have a white dot on the spine.
  • EZ Read Collection (Early readers): Includes books appropriate for early or beginning readers.  Books in this collection are clearly marked as such on the binding of the book. Books have a gold star on the spine.
  • “Juvenile” Collection (Ages 5/6-11): Includes fiction books appropriate for children aged approximately 5/6 through 11.  Includes non-fiction works appropriate for children aged approximately 5/6 and older.  Books have a blue square on the spine.
  • Young Adult Literature Collection (Ages 12-18): Includes fiction appropriate for children and young adults aged approximately 12-18 years. Books have a "young adult" sticker on the spine.

Remember, if you need help finding something, PLEASE ask!  Our Children's Room gets a lot of use (which we love), but little hands often mis-shelve. 

Lexile Level Help:

Scholastic Book Wizard

AR Bookfinder

Your Assignment

My Balanced Reading Program

On Monday mornings to open class, two class members will share an overview of one of the four pillars of a Balanced Reading Program.

Things that will be included in your overview:

Upload this overview to D2L Discussions by Sunday, 5:00 pm.