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EDU 351: Reading in the Content Area: Journal Article Review

Journal Article Review

Locate several articles in professional journals that explore the use of reading and writing in your content areas.  Your first article needs to come from a literacy journal: Voices from the Middle (NCTE), English Journal (NCTE) or Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (IRA).

Questions you should answer in your review:

What ideas are presented in the article?

How do these ideas connect to the principles/concepts explored in class?

Are these ideas "old paradigm" or "new paradigm" thinking? (or both!?)

Are there any incinsistancies in the author's argument? How does it compare to other readings you've done on this topic?

Note Taking tool!

Literacy Journals for Article Reviews



Voices From the Middle

Published by the NCTE

Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

Published by the IRA

English Journal 

Published by the NCTE