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ES 601: Environmental Science Capstone: Step 1: Where are we, where are we going?

This libguide is designed to support ES601 students as they complete their library assignment and annotated bibliography.


For Today:

  • Choose a broad environmental issue (either one listed on your syllabus or one based on interest)
  • Work together to develop smaller questions to drive your initial research and search strategies for those smaller questions

For the rest of the semester: 

  • Discuss/Consider whether/ how to focus your capstone issue
  • Search far and wide (not just primary and secondary sources, but news articles, government reports, patents, etc!) for a variety of information and perspective that will inform your project. 
  • Regularly assess the scope of your research (Is your project too big? Too small?) 
  • Keep in the back of your mind: What do I still need to know? Where/How will I find it?

The Research Process