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ES 601: Environmental Science Capstone: Step 2: Finding Stuff

This libguide is designed to support ES601 students as they complete their library assignment and annotated bibliography.


For Today:

  • Revisit academic search tools
  • Use Endnote for importing, saving, and sharing references among one another
  • Collect at least 5 references of primary or secondary sources published within the last 10 years by the end of class
  • Download your (preliminary) bibliography and email it to your professors and the librarian

For the rest of the semester: 

  • Continue to find information\
    • For your annotated bibliography
    • For your project design
    • For your in-class presentations
    • For your final project
  • Read and evaluate what you find:
    • You don't need to save everything that shows up
    • You don't need to fully read everything you save
    • You don't need to use everything you read

Interlibrary Loan? Interlibrary Loan!

If Westminster College doesn't own a book or article, you can still get it (with a bit of patience!)

Click the "I need it now!" button on the WISE record of something you want that Westminster doesn't own.

The first time you use this service, you will have to create an account, but afterwards it's smooth sailing. 

Articles will be delivered electronically and typically take 3-5 business days. Books can take up to two weeks and will be held behind the LIS Help Desk. 

Places to go:

(Not a complete list! Consider what you need and what you're looking for)

Other tips: 

  • What sub-fields are you focusing on. You may be able to find specific journals of say sustainable engineering or water research.
  • What are you looking for? If you can articulate what you actually, specifically need- you're halfway there!