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PR 601: Public Relations Capstone: Day 2

What you're working on: The research proposal

Assignment Components

1.     Research Proposal (50 points)

Once you have selected your topic, you will need to write a short proposal that includes a brief introduction to your subject, a list of your research questions, a detailed description of the method you plan to use, a description of the participants/texts/artifacts that will be involved with the reason for their selection, and a brief description of the work you’ve done so far.

Please submit a hard copy by Feb 20th.

What you're also working on: Your URAC Application

Your professor will also like you to submit to URAC to have the opportunity to share your final poster with the campus.

The submission is very brief, but it will require you to write an abstract, or brief summary of your project.​

Your proposal for URAC is due on March 6th!

Subject Guide

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