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20th Century Europe: Biography Reviews: Finding & Reading Book Reviews

Parts of a book review

Any of these reviews can be either descriptive or critical Try to find critical reviews, those will be most helpful for this assignment. 

Critical   Descriptive
  • Long
  • Should include
    • Citation
    • Discussion of the author's intentions
    • Discussion of the author's ideas and the author's particular point of view
    • How the book relates to larger scholarly conversation about this topic
    • Errors in the book and their significance
    • Importance of the book to the discipline
    • The author's credentials, affiliations, and other relevant work
    • The intended audience of the book and whether the author engages their audience
  • Most often found in academic journals, and occasionally in The New York Review of Books and the New Yorker
  • Short
  • Should include:
    •   Citation of the book
    • Purpose of the book
    • Summary of the main themes of the book
    • Book's impact/how it compares to other books on the same topic
    • The author's credentials, affiliations, and other relevant work
  • Most often found in Magazines, Newspapers, and Choice Reviews

Where to Find Book Reviews