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CHE 351: Advanced Laboratory: Doing the Research

Resources for chemistry research.

Need Some Help?

Are you having trouble accessing online resources? Are you finding really good articles that do not have full text links (or have links that aren't working)? Not sure how to connect the resources you have? Having trouble getting started or knowing when you have enough resources?

Never fear!  The Library can help! Drop by the library in person for some one-on-one assistance.

Finding Journal Articles

The following list of resources will help you to find reliable, relevant research on your topic.  Consider the keyword terms you use when searching these databases very carefully, and attempt multiple searches using synonyms.  

Finding Reference Resources

These reccomended texts are excellent resources for methodology...

Finding Books

WorldCat Discovery search box example

Search WISE for a variety of resource types.

Finding Websites

Try searching for news articles and websites (obviously).

Carefully evaluate the websites where you find your information!

Finding Nemo