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20th Century Europe: Biography Reviews: Finding Biographies

List of Biographies

This list of biographies has been compiled for you. You do not need to read the biography, but Dr. Clark would like you to have it just in case. 

Please spend some time looking over the list before choosing. To (try to) prevent duplicates, this is how you will publically select your biography:

1. Highlight the citation of the book you'd like to use and click the comment button.

2. Write your name and then select "Comment"

Ties will be settled with pistols at dawn. 

Finding Books/Using Call Numbers

Once you select a book, you should try to find it in WISE. McGill should have each of these books in print. 

You should see the call number, which tells you where in the library these books are held. 

Here's how you read call numbers:

PR one or two letters, read these alphabetically (P is before PR which is before PS)

6045 read this as a whole number. 99 comes before 714 which comes before 6045

.O72 Letters are Alphabetical and then the numbers you read as a decimal. .O72 comes after .O654 in this case

1972 Year of Publication. Books with the same call number that were published in different years are sorted chronologically. 

Check out the attached map of the library, which will tell you were you can find books based on call numbers. LIS Help desk employees and librarians are also always happy to help!

Subject Guide

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