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PR Capstone: Overview


  • Focus on the research component of our topic proposal, gauge our comfort level with research
  • Discuss practices and tools that can help you with organization for this *big* paper
  • Narrow down our topic into research questions and key words to make our search easier
  • Learn about internet resources avalible through the library
  • Learn about interlibrary loan and why it's a capstone student's best friend.
  • Use search strategies to turn regular english into database-speak
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of sources for your research
  • Recognize how to use nonacademic sources in academic research
  • Determine when to cite sources (pretty much always)
  • Strategies to help you manage citations
  • ...?

PR Podcasts


If you want to follow along, here are the slides!

Head on over to to participate.

For Thursday...

For Thursday's class you should come with...

  • A more refined topic idea (even if just slightly more refined)
  • Three sources to help in developing your topic

What you're also working on: Your URAC Application

Your professor will also like you to submit to URAC to have the opportunity to share your final poster with the campus.

The submission is very brief, but it will require you to write an abstract, or brief summary of your project.

Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration​

Your proposal for URAC is due in Spring (February/March)


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