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Your Assignment

"Compose a 6-page researched essay that evaluates a person, policy, method, program, etc. of your choice by revealing how it does or does not measure up to a specific set of standards. IMPORTANT: Address an opposing audience. Try to change their minds, or, at least, get them to value your perspective."

Today, we are going to focus on this objective: 

Step 1: Make a Choice

Choose a person, policy, method, institution, program, etc.

Jamie's Example: To Charge or Not to Charge (Library Overdue Fines)                   

Step 2: Define Criteria

Define the criteria required for your chosen topic to succeed. 

Jamie's Example: Does this policy support students (customer satisfaction, retention)? Is it a necessary part of the library's function (fiscally and policy-wise)?  See Jamie's Works Cited.

Step 3: Evaluation

Evaluate your topic against the definition you've established.

Jamie's Example: (this is the part where you write the paper). See Jamie's Works Cited.


Jamie Kohler's picture
Jamie Kohler

Jamie's Works Cited

Works Cited

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