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CHE 230: Chemical Analysis: The Poster

This guide includes resources helpful to students working on the CHE 230 Library Assignment

An Example of a Poster

Creating your Poster

The poster should be a concise summary of the formal lab.  A person should be able to scan and comprehend your poster in two minutes.  Large fonts, minimal text, graphics and graphical representation of data are recommended. 

Your poster should include:

  • Title-author panel
  • Background & introduction
  • Purpose or statement of problem
  • Experimental approach
  • Data and results
  • Interpretation
  • Conclusion & “take home message”
  • References

Tips for maximum poster success:

  • Your poster should represent you as a chemistry professional. Do not hand-write anything!
  • Dr. Boylan recommends using PowerPoint to make individual “panels” that will make up your overall poster. 
  • Think about how the visuals and data will play off one another. You can frame the panels with construction paper to add more visual appeal.
  • Do not use more than 12-15 panels.

More detailed poster suggestions can be found in the ACS Style Guide (pg. 27-38).  Print copies may be found at the library and in the chemistry seminar room.