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PS 101 - Introduction to Political Science : Beginning Your Search

Having Trouble Getting Started?

Britannica and Credo are a great place to start gathering information on your topic. And don't forget the library's catalogue! It makes searching for general information a snap! 


Your Assignment

For your assignment you are to explore and analyze the impact of Globalization on one developing country in the contemporary world. You will need to choose a country and evaluate the positive and negative effects of globalization on that country. 

Great External Sources

Tips For Success

Avoid passive voice, write in the active voice. 

Make your points concisely without putting in fluff or scaffolding. Don’t use four adjectives when one will do, but also be clear.

Read!!! The key to writing well is careful reading.

Utilize paper writing tools: Professor, Librarian, Writing Lab, Library.

Read relevant sources completely, even if you don’t use them.

Make notes, drafts, and revisions. Start early and  take your time.

Plan ahead. Make a timeline or calendar. Set goals realistically and meet goals consistently.

Develop a strong thesis, but don’t be afraid to keep it fluid and malleable.

Cite correctly and be original.

Argument and counter-argument, know both sides of an issue.