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PS301: Research Design & Analysis: Where to Search

WISE - Updated for Discovery

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Top Political Science Databases

Other Good Sources

Here are some other databases that can help your research in a variety of ways:

Other good sources of journal articles:

  • Academic Search Complete:  the library's largest single database; contains all disciplines including political science
  • JSTOR:  multidisciplinary (including political science and related fields) that contains a lot of older content not available in other databases
  • Web of Science: despite the name, this database also searches the top political science journals - and has a unique tool that lets you see who has cited a particular article, not just the bibliography of that article

News sources:

  • NY Times archive:  search for news stories going all the way back to 1852.
  • National Newspapers Core:  search several major papers (LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc.) from the 1980s to present

Other good information sources:

  • SAGE Knowledge: contains many social science encyclopedias, good, authoritative source for looking up basic facts and data
  • Historical Statistics of the United States:  data on a wide range of topics relevant to political science research areas
  • Europa World:  contains basic data and brief summaries for countries and regions of the world
  • ICPSR:  many datasets are available for download and use; you may find a relevant set for your research which you can analyze yourself! (NOTE: you must create a free account for yourself to download data; please see a librarian if you need help)

Subject Guide

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