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Library DIY: For Faculty Members: Request Resources


Q: I want to use something for a course, my research, or to support my teaching but the library doesn’t have it. What should I do?

We’re happy to purchase or otherwise acquire things for you course. Our favorite things to buy are those that will be used.

What do I do?

Fill out a Resource Purchase Form Here, you can request books, journals, films, electronic resources, or whatever you need. If it is something tangible and purchasable (like a book, music score, DVD) and not prohibitively expensive, we will likely purchase it, and let you know when it is cataloged and ready to be checked out.

If you'd like us to purchase a new journal and/or e-resource that is a bit trickier since they can often cost several thousand dollars.

We will work with you and your department to make decisions about resources that you need, including the possibility of exchanging resources for the next academic year to better align with potential usage.

If possible, we will set up a trial for you to try out new e-resources.

What if I just need a few articles for my research?

As a member of the Westminster Community, you are welcome to use Interlibrary Loan to request electronic articles and physical items that you only need for a short time. Here's a guide on how to use ILL.

ILL is a great resource, but it is not a replacement for purchasing a journal- there are limits on the number of requests for a single article or from a title. If you need entire issues or runs of a journal, we will work with you to try to find a way to get what you need. However, resources used by students or broadly must take precedence over subscriptions for individuals for our budget.

Feedback? Missing something?

For individual research support or timely help with an issue, please email us at

For more general feedback please fill out this form. Your insight is valued as we try to meet your research needs!