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Library DIY: For Faculty Members: Library Staff and Services


Q: I’d like to learn more about the library services and staff. Who are you and what’s available to me?

If you have a specific question, feel free to stop by during regular hours or email us! We’re in the ‘answering your questions’ business.

Four main Library Services:

1. LIS Helpdesk: Our circulation desk also doubles as the campus’s LIS help desk. Here, helpful students can do basic troubleshooting before passing on your issue or question to the person in LIS who will be able to help. If your computer is broken, you’re having trouble logging into your accounts, or you’d like to change something on your department’s web page, the LIS helpdesk is a great place to start!

2. Purchasing/Subscribing to resources for teaching, learning, and scholarship: As a library, Mcgill has a collection of books, ebooks, journals, and other types of resources. We want to buy things that will be used, so let us know any requests you have. Librarians periodically meet with departments to revise standing orders and budgetary decisions to make sure that what is being purchased aligns with what is being used.

3. Reference/Information Literacy Instruction: Librarians are always happy to work with students on research assignments, either one-on-one to address individual needs, or by meeting with your entire class in order to help your students develop and refine their research skills and give them time to kick-start their projects. Reach out to Eloise to schedule an instruction session for your course if you’re asking your students to do research (of any kind).

4. Technology Help: Looking to learn more about D2L, teach your students with the help of a new technology tool, or make your slides more accessible? Our Instructional Design and Technology Librarian, Hailey Wyman would be happy to help you out!

The people of McGill Library:

John Garrison Serials & E Resources Librarian:

  • Technical difficulties with an online library resource (Like WISE or Jstor)

  • Trials and requests for new databases & online resources

  • Reference & Research Assistance

Alex Picture

Alex Julio LIS Help Supervisor:

  • Password resets
  • Course Reserves
  • Help with AdAstra and basic tech support

Jamie Kohler Assistant Director/Collections Management Librarian:

  • Resource/Subject Requests

  • Archives questions

  • Reference & Research Assistance

Eloise Stevens, Instruction & Outreach Librarian:

  • Reference & Research Assistance
  • Information Literacy/Research Instruction
  • Fancy-ass coffee

Ralph Mcgill picture

Ralph McGill, Mascot:

  • Social Media
  • Ole' Protestant Work Ethic
  • Good Guy

Feedback? Missing something?

For individual research support or timely help with an issue, please email us at

For more general feedback please fill out this form. Your insight is valued as we try to meet your research needs!