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Library DIY: For Faculty Members: Reserve a Room


Q: How can I reserve a space in the Library for a course or event?

We have a lot of rooms. Some are great for classes, some are great for meetings, some are best for hiding from people (we'd recommend hiding in the morning, McGill gets busy in the afternoons and evenings!)

You can use AdAstra to reserve lots of spaces in McGill.

Some primo spots include:

  • The Hub- We think it's one of the best spaces for a class on campus. Particularly great for collaborative projects+presentations
  • McGill Lab- A great computer-lab classroom that works particularly well for individual research work or classes that consist of a lecture and some active/using technology time.
  • Robinson Room- Great for meetings (there's secret whiteboard) and it has a kinda-pleasant pancake smell.
  • The Miller Board Room- For serious business.

AdAstra can be a little weird the first time you use it. We're happy to help you figure it out the first time you go to book a campus location. Click “Reserve a Campus Location” on the sidebar of my.westminster to access AdAstra. Then click “Events” on the top bar and select “Request an Event”


Please note that due to high student usage, you may not be able to book a classroom space during the last week of classes and finals week.

1. From click “Reserve a Campus Location” on the sidebar.



2. On AdAstra, click “Request Event”

If you’d like to book our computer lab, select the “Public Computer Lab Request Form”. All other spaces are available through “McGill Library Request Form”

3. Provide all needed information.

4. Once you have filled out the form you can select “Add Meeting” towards the bottom. Here's where you'll select date(s) and time(s) for your event.


5. Select the date(s) and time(s) you’d like to reserve the space for then "Add Meeting"

6. Once you have added one or more meetings you can "Request Rooms"


7.You will then see a list of locations available. (If the room is reserved, it will be blocked out in red). Make your selection (the box wil tun green), click “Ok”


8.Confirm your date(s) and location(s)and then click “Submit” you will be taken to a confirmation screen and be notified by email when your request is received and approved.


Keep in mind that certain spaces can fill up far ahead of time, and we ask that when possible, classes not use library space as regular class meeting space.


Feedback? Missing something?

For individual research support or timely help with an issue, please email us at

For more general feedback please fill out this form. Your insight is valued as we try to meet your research needs!