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Library DIY: For Faculty Members: Student Research


Q: I’d like my students to become better at research. How can the library help?


Librarians are happy to meet with your class to help them develop research skills for upcoming assignments. If you’d like to provide dedicated in-class time for students to develop information literacy skills and work on their assignment, we think that’s awesome. Email Eloise at with the course, assignment, number of students and preferred dates. She’ll set something up (usually a class session in the library) and try to meet with you if you’re available to develop specific outcomes, instruction, and active-learning opportunities.


We’re also able to meet individually with students through our reference services, though we recommend this primarily for small upper-level courses or for extra credit on the assignment (Or suggest it any time!). If you’d like to mandate that students meet with a librarian, let us know! Then you can email your students and the librarian(s) to request that students set up a meeting. We’ll follow up to let you know who we’ve met with, and who we haven’t heard from.


Q: What if I need subject help for my students?


Peer-tutoring is available through the Learning Center, which is located on the fourth floor of Thompson-Clark. You can email them at to learn more! Some departments/clubs also offer specialized tutoring, so you may want to ask around.

Feedback? Missing something?

For individual research support or timely help with an issue, please email us at

For more general feedback please fill out this form. Your insight is valued as we try to meet your research needs!