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Soc 107 Argo/Holcad Project: Home

Want to Work with archival stuff outside of class?

You can access the online archives from anywhere. But if you are working with Holcads you need to jump a few hoops!



The Argos are held in the Reference Collection, which is located right next to the LIS Help Desk. You can look at them all you want (in the library).


These are a bit trickier.

Some Hocads are available on microfilm (1914-2009).  These are on Reserve, so if you want to use them, ask at the LIS Help Desk and they will check them out to you.  If you need help using the microfilm machine, you can ask them that, too!

Or, if you prefer to use the paper Holcads, email Eloise on a weekday at with what years you want to use and what date/time you want to look at them. She'll make sure that you can have access to them!

Recent Holcads - Online

Digital editions of some of the most recent Holcads are available online. Click on the link below, and scroll down until you see the "Holcad Student Newspaper" heading.  Use the drop-down box to access the archives.  2004-Current Holcads are availble.

The Internet Archive Westminster College

Click the majestic title page of the 1931 Argo to go to The Internet Archive Where you can look through digital editions of the Argo and Holcad


Here's a link if you're not feeling the centaur: