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PSY 321: Social Psychology: Information Literacy Lab


This weeks lab is designed to focus on your information literacy and research skills. Dr. Richman has provided step-by-step instructions to get you searching for, evaluating, and citing sources and studies. 

1. Find the studies cited in the poster, Reaching out by changing what’s within: Social exclusion predicts self-concept malleability (Richman et al., 2012), Export the citations for these studies to endnote, and add a citation to the group, "PrimingStudies". Share these citations with Dr. Richman, using endnote.

2. Find five additional sources (Both scholarly and primary) relevant to the poster. Add these citations to the "PrimingStudies" group.

3. Evaluate the poster, identify five strengths and five weaknesses of the poster, and the research that lead to it. 

4. Create an APA reference list using endnote.

We will go through these steps one by one to make sure you all know your stuff when it comes to starting your final project.

Reaching Out by Changing What's Within: Social Exclusion Predicts Self-Concept Malleability

Information Literacy Lab Powerpoint

Subject Guide

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