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HIS 410: Your Assignment

Resources for HIS 410, specifically focused on Civil Rights in the North.

Important Dates


Tuesday, 10/17 Proposal Due

Tuesday, 11/14 First 7 pages Due

Tuesday, 11/21 First Drafts of Final Paper Due

12/7 and 12/14 Oral Presentations

12/14 Final Papers Due

We can help!

Struggling with your homework, proposal, or paper. Come to the library and ask a librarian, we're always happy to help you! If you need to meet on evenings or weekends, e-mail me ahead of time and we can set something up.

The Proposal


This semester, your final paper will be a topic related to the long emancipation (Ira Berlin).

Emancipation from Freemen's viewpoint; illustration from Harper's Weekly, 1865


Your proposal is due on Tuesday, October 17. This is the first major step towards your final paper- if you haven't already started thinking about your paper, now is the time!

Your proposal should:

  • Brief 1-2 page written document PLUS annotated bibliography
  • Describe your narrowed topic
  • Present your research question and working thesis.
  • Explain why your research is important
  • Describe the most important sources you believe you will use
  • Include a properly formatted Chicago/Turabian style annotate bibliography that divides your primary and secondary sources.
    • In a sentence or two summarize the source and explain its usefulness,
    • Primary sources:  explain how they will help you answer your main question,
    • Secondary sources:  identify the main argument and explain how it compares/contrasts to your main question.

Your proposal is worth 25 points. It will be graded on:

  • The content and format of your bibliography,
  • How well the narrowed topic and question demonstrate an understanding of the long emancipation,
  • The relevance and clarity of the thesis,
  • The quality of the evidence,
  • Grammar, etc.


"Emancipation from Freemen's viewpoint; illustration from Harper's Weekly, 1865." Wikipedia. Accessed September 19, 2017.


Final Paper Requirements

Please note the following requirements for your final paper.  Remember, when in doubt ask Professor Lahr for clarification on assignment details.

  • 15-20 double-spaced pages (one-inch margins),
    • Total does NOT include title page, notes or bibliography,
  • Times New Roman font (10-12 point size),
  • Title page (title of research, date, name of college, your name),
  • Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) formatting for citations,
  • In-text citation:  endnotes OR footnotes are acceptable,
  • Primary and secondary sources separated in bibliography and without annotations
  • Please see your course syllabus for grammatical requirements (block quotations, etc.).

Types, number of sources required:

  • Minimum ten primary sources,
  • Minimum ten secondary sources,
  • Among these twenty sources should be:
    • The Long Emancipation,
    • Minimum one monograph found while using The Long Emancipation,
    • Primary sources from two or more library collections (see Primary Sources tab),
    • Minimum one monograph or journal article acquired using Interlibrary Loan,
    • Minimum one journal article.


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