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PSY 101: Your Assignment

Guide for Psychology 101 Students

Due Dates to Remember

March 6th Paper topic, outline and list of 4 references

April 17th Final Term Paper due! ( :O )

Your Term Paper

You major assignment this semester is a seven-page paper in which you will explore a psychology topic through a specific research question. You will use at least four peer-reviewed empirical articles to try to answer your question.

This paper should prover that you:

  • Can construct clear arguments and effectively synthesize information from psychological experiments
  • Can write clearly, concisely, and in a tone appropriate for college-level research
  • Have a solid grasp of grammar and punctuation
  • Are able to appropriately use APA style and citations
  • Know when and where to seek help with research and writing

For more detailed information and a grading rubric please review your assignment (Attached)



Subject Guide

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