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Your Assignment

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Paper Topic Assignment                                            

Due October 12th


Why is a good paper topic important?

1. You'll eventually write an 8 page paper exploring this topic. A paper topic that's too broad will likely result in a paper that is scattered and not very specific. A paper topic that's too narrow will mean you will struggle to write eight pages on it. 

2. A good topic makes the research process a lot easier. You don't want to be overwhelmed by results but you also want to find some peer-reviewed sources that are relevant to your topic!

3. You'll be spending the rest of the semester with this topic, so hopefully it's one you find interesting and you like!


This assignment has two main components.

1. An outline or paragraph in formal APA style that describes your paper including

The purpose of the paper

Your preliminary thesis and ideas (that you'll use research to support)

Conclusions you hope to draw and the "big picture" importance

2. Four peer reviewed references, cited in APA 6th edition style. 

Remember to revisit your course's D2L site for more specific information!


After todays class, you should feel more prepared to:

  1. Develop an appropriately-focused topic inspired by one of the questions
  2. Identify four relevant peer-reviewed sources
  3. Write your annotated bibliography


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