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PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

Guide for Psychology students


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John Garrison
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  • Sort by relevance, not date published.
  • Notice the type of source - For now, stick to Academic Journal Articles
  • What terms are being used in the title and abstract? Do scholars have a specialized language to describe this claim?
  • Check out the "Index terms" sidebar to continue to focus your topic as needed.

Searching PsycNET How-tos

How to search APA PsycNET

What you’ll find: Westminster’s access to APA PsycNET includes access to the PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES databases. PsycINFO contains citations and abstracts from a wide range of scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral and health sciences. You can find journals, books, reviews and dissertations. PsycARTICLES contains full-text journals in subject areas like applied psychology, health, theory, research, social/personality and more.




Getting started

Begin a basic search by adding your keywords to the search bar. If needed you can also limit your search to only peer-reviewed or full text results.

Advanced Search Screen input fields, dropdowns, and checkboxes

Hover over search on the blue ribbon at the top of the page to reveal the drop down menu. Select advanced search for more precise searching in APA PsycNet.


Advanced search allows you to

  • Use boolean operators to search
  • To combine queries in one search
  • Restrict results to those that include impact statements
  • To only include documents available through Open Access
  • Look for recent sources by restricting the date
  • Use filters to limit further by
    • Age group
    • Supplemental material
    • Document type
    • methodology  

Advanced Search Screen Filters section circled


If you select a filter, you can add additional filters by clicking on +add filter

Advanced Search Screen with Add Filter link circled



The Sort By feature allows you to look at results in order of

  • chronologically by year (newest first)
  • alphabetically by author
  • alphabetically by title
  • by relevance ranking
  • by times cited


You can search within results to further narrow your results to your topic area. Simple enter the term or terms you wish to search in the textbox with the magnifying glass icon, and press Enter.


APA PsycNet offers several option to quickly filter results in a number of categories, including

  • Publication type
  • Year
  • Index terms
  • Author affiliation
  • Source
  • Test construct
  • Author
  • Age group
  • Population group
  • Methodology
  • Tests & measures
  • Classification


Within PsycARTICLES some of the words have a dotted line under them. If you click on these words, PsycNET will display a definition of them from the APA Dictionary of Psychology.

If you’d like to turn off definitions, you can at the menu bar at the top of the screen.


The text of this guide was created by Megan Beaule '19