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Broadcast, Media Production, & Communications Resources

Welcome to Your "Research Homepage"

The Broadcasting and Sports Communications major encourages students to think creatively and critically when engaging in media and communication as audience members and as content producers serving the local community while establishing a strong theoretical base, we build practical skills through experiential learning.

This is the Broadcasting and Sports Communications LibGuide - a "research homepage" specifically designed for Broadcast & Communication students! Here you will find links to the library resources that are most relevant to your field of study and most likely to help you in your research. That doesn't mean these are the ONLY resources you should use, but they are a good place to start! 

If you need help locating, accessing, or evaluating sources, please contact a Librarian - we are here to help you!

WISE - Books, Articles, and more

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General / Background Information

Sometimes you need background information to help you better understand your topic. That might be information about a specific country, person, piece of technology, or business. These resources will help you get started:

Background Information on people, places, etc.

  • Credo Reference (expansive database of encyclopedias, handbooks, guides, and more)
  • Academic eBooks from EBSCOhost or ProQuest
  • SAGE Knowledge (reference database of handbooks, journals, professional development guides, and more)

Business Information

  • Mergent Online (company data including financial statements, press releases, and news articles)
  • Value Line Investment (general information on specific companies and broader industries)

Tech. Information

Field-Specific Databases

These databases will help you locate articles in academic journals and industry publications that relate to aspects of your specific field


Looking for a broader perspective? Try these multidisciplinary databases

News Sources

Sometimes you really need to know the major developments around your topic that are happening right now - newspaper and magazine articles are a good place to start!