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Resources and tips to help with your ENG 240 assignments

Your Assignment

Your assignment asks you to find three types of sources:

Background Information Secondary Sources/Reviews Literary Criticism

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Thinking about the kind of information you need to complete this assignment - and where you are going to find it - is the first step in gathering the resources you need.

Use the WISE search to get started - you'll be able to find all of these different kinds of sources using this one search box.  Hint: Try using SU: before your author's name in the search box (example:  "su: Adichie").


Search WISE

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Background Information

These resources will help you to find reliable background information about your author and their work.


Book reviews are available through many of the sources listed in other boxes on this guide.  However, here are some sources that focus specifically on book reviews.  Note:  It is tricky to find book reviews if your particular work was not published in a book!

Literary Criticism

Literary Criticism can be tricky to find.  The following sources will help you get started.  Don't forget to also try WISE!  Books are one of the best sources of literary criticism, and those can mostly be found through a WISE search.

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