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HIS223/MUS103C: African American History/Intro to Jazz Cluster: Final Paper/Presentation

African American History - Intro to Jazz Cluster: Final Assignment

n.d. "UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1925: An unidentified band plays some jazz onstage at an unidentified venue in Chicago, ca.1920s. African-American musicians from New Orleans and the Mississippi delta brought jazz and blues music to the Chicgao area, resulting in widespread popularity for the genre. (Photo by Chicago History Museum/Getty Images)." Image Collection, EBSCOhost (accessed April 5, 2018).

Your Assignment

Your group will be conducting research on a particular period in American history.  Within this period, you will examine:

  • The social climate of the United States,
  • The societal impact of the African American community, and
  • How these areas influenced the jazz of the era - and/or how jazz influenced them.

Final Research Paper

Your group will be responsible for one, 10-page research paper on your assigned time period.  In addition to (or in the process of) researching the three areas listed above, the paper must include and synthesize:

  • The most important societal events and movements of the period, and
  • the most important jazz artists and/or genres of that time.


  • 10 pages in length

  • 1” margins, double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman

  • Bibliography with at least 10 scholarly sources

    • Footnotes, Bibliography, and overall style should adhere to the guidelines of Chicago Manual Style

Papers are due to both the MUS 103 and HIS 223 D2L dropbox before the MUS 103C final date and time, Tuesday, May 8, 8:00am.

Final Presentation Project

Your group's presentation will include information on each of the three areas you researched about your time period.  Every member of the group will present for at least three minutes each, with the following requirements:

- 12-16 slides total

- 15 -20 min. total

- Use at least 10 images (these can be images found in the textbook, Library of Congress webpage, or credible internet sources).

- Each member of the group must have one pertinent video or audio clip.

- The audio or video clip should last no longer than 30 seconds. If your clip starts in the middle of a song or video, be sure to have the exact starting point ready to go.

- At least one of the sources you use must be from the Library of Congress.

- Include a bibliography page (this slide does not contribute to the 12-16 slide total).

- Include an image citation page (this slide does not contribute to the 12-16 slide total).

- Upload the presentation to D2L (both HIS 223 and MUS 103 class pages) prior to the final time


Presentations will take place during the final time slot for Intro to Jazz:

Tuesday, May 8th – 8:00 – 10:30am in Patterson Hall Mezzanine.

Citing Your Sources

Don't make citing harder than it has to be!  Learn about Mendeley Citation Management in the videos below.  Once you've created an account, you'll be able to:

  • Track sources.  Quickly and easily keep track of the sources you find and use.
  • Organize sources.  Compile all your sources in one "library" - and sort them by assignment, or however you like.
  • Add sources to paper.  Directly in Word, add your source citations - in-text and bibliography - as you write.
  • Any citation style.  You can change this at will (when you use Mendeley again in another class, just switch to the one you need!)

Have questions or technical difficulties?  Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started with Mendeley citation management:

1. Go to and Create a Free Account. (please make sure to use your email address for your account)



2. When you login with your new account, you will be able to view and edit your Library of citations from this page, or download an app to your computer called Reference Manager to use your Library. 

** Please note: As long as you have an internet connection, changes made to your Library will sync between the Library in your browser and the Library in Reference Manager.


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources for Biographical Information

The following sources will be helpful as you search for background information and news stories on the events, ideas and people associated with your time period.

Secondary Source for Context and Analysis

The following databases will be helpful as you search for scholarly articles on topics associated with your time period.

Audio/Video Files