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HIS 420: Historiography: Home

Getting Started

On this page, you'll find resources specifically selected to help you with your Historiography Paper

Our Goals for today:

  • Applying multiple search strategies to locate academic secondary sources
  • Using ILL to request material that McGill library does not own (and is not freely available)
  • Practice identifying/guessing historical perspective of a source, to be refined and revised after reading



Link to Collaborative Timeline

To build a sense of academic historical research that has been done on your topic specifically and the Haitian Revolution in general, today we'll build a timeline of secondary books and articles we find. For each relevant looking source, please include the citation and a brief description of what you think it's about (if it seems to have a strong point of view, include that!) and place an arrow to the approximate year it was published.

By the end of today's class, please find:

  1. One book through a book review
  2. One article by searching a database
  3. One other source in a bibliography

Subject Guide

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