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Spanish Resources

Bienvenido a tu "Research Homepage"

This is the Spanish LibGuide - a "research homepage" specifically designed for Spanish students! Here you will find links to the library resources that are most relevant to your field of study and most likely to help you in your research. That doesn't mean these are the ONLY resources you should use, but they are a good place to start! 

If you need help locating, accessing, or evaluating sources, please contact a Librarian - Nosotros estamos aqui para ayudar!

WISE - Books, Articles, and more

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Electronic Resources

Below are a number of resources you can use to begin your research.

Here are a few multidisciplinary databases where you can begin your research. These databases will help you find resources on art, culture, history, literature, social issues, and so much more!

The library subscribes to several sources of current news including:

For archived/historical news articles, see the Primary Sources tab of this guide. 

You can also find news articles online by visiting local and national news sites (although not all articles will be free. Don't pay for subscriptions - contact a librarian for help!).

Here are a few examples: