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BA 140- Intro to Mergent: Home

PESTEL Analysis


Political: Law, instability, political policies, foreign trade, tax, labor, grants

Economic: Market, balance sheets, comings and goings in high-level positions, economic growth, interest/inflation, unemployment

Social: Public Perception, population changes, careers, marketing, new markets, lifestyle choices, NGOs

Technological: applications of new/ emerging tech, technological Initiatives, automation, R&D, Technology training

Environmental: Climate, resource scarcity, weather disaster, climate change, business ethics

Legal: Lawsuit, employment laws, antitrust laws, consumer protection, copyright

These issues can be intertwined. Many issues won't fit neatly into one box, and you will see some overlap. 

Using Mergent

Eloise's top four tips: 

1. Don't worry if you don't understand everything available on Mergent

2. For the PESTLE analysis, here are some things that might be most helpful:

  • Company Details>Highlights
  • Company Details> Business
  • Reports>Annual Reports
  • Reports>Industry Reports
  • News

3. This is a great opportunity to practice thinking critically and reading between the lines. Mergent will give you a start, but the best insight will come from reading broadly in the news and making connections between different stories. Remember, information from the company is likely meant to be flattering to the company. 

4. Don't hesitate to email/meet with me or another librarian. Think of us as your research consultant/secret team member. 



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Library DIY

To meet with a librarian: Come to the library, email Eloise at or email us at to set up an appointment!

For do-it-yourself research help: Check out our Library DIY