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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette @ Westminster College

Campus members of Westminster College - all current students, faculty, and staff - have access to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette during the academic year.  In order to access the content, you will have to register yourself under the College's account.  To do so, please do one of the following:

  • Find the e-mail about the Post-Gazette sent by John Garrison at the beginning of the school year, OR
  • E-mail John Garrison for the College's account information.

Registering with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the Westminster College account will give you access to all of the content on the Post-Gazette's website, as well as digital copies of the daily print edition.  More information on content, access methods, and the program itself ("News in Education") is available in the instructions that will be provided by John Garrison.

NOTE:  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette resets the College's account at the beginning of each academic year.  This means that current campus members will receive notification at the beginning of each fall semester on how to register again on Westminster's College account.

If you have any questions about Westminster College's access to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or have difficulties with it, please e-mail John Garrison.