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PSY 219 Early Childhood Development : Finding Sources

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Remember, you will need at least eight peer-reviewed sources for your paper - and four of those from scientific journals. Below are several databases that are good psychology sources - particularly PsycINFO.


Web of Science


Education Source

Image result for education source ebsco

Suggested Journal Titles

Is it empirical? Is it good?

Fromt your assignment: Your paper should include a minimum of 7 references. Four of those references MUST be empirical research articles from scientific journals (not popular articles from magazines such as Psychology Today, Omni, Time or Newsweek). The rest of your references may include more articles, or peer-reviewed scientific books (but not encyclopedias or textbooks). I want you to use sources that have strong scientific support.  For on-line sources, you may use the types that are listed under ‘electronic resources’ at the end of this handout. 

What are empirical research articles (also called primary sources is some sciences)?

What if we don't have it?

If Westminster doesn't have access to a journal, you can use Inter-Library Loan (ILLiad) to get a digital copy.

Simply click the "I need this! (ILL)" button on the WISE record to log into ILLiad and request a copy.


ILLiad is free for you to use.

Articles can take 2-5 business days to be sent to you, and books can take even longer so please request early and request often!