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EDU 204: Not the Lecture!

Good sites to learn more!

The Assignment

This week, you will be working in small groups and teaching us all about a collaborative technology that you might use in the classroom.


First steps:

Use the sites provided (or other sites, or just google around).

Find a collaborative technology tool (with an educational application!) that you would be interested in learning more about.

Sign Up HERE! Be sure to include:

  1. Your name
  2. The name of the thing you want to learn more about
  3. A brief summary (~1 sentance) of what it is


  • A tool designed to be collaborative or very collaboration-friendly
  • Something that you can picture being used in the classroom
  • Sign up for something that hasn't been 'claimed' yet
  • Bonus points for creativity! There's so much out there including stuff I don't know about! Find something cool!

See the attached assignment for more! We'll talk about this on Monday!

Learn about productivity tools I like!

Subject Guide

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Jamie Kohler


1. Class will be meeting at the McGill Library Lab on Monday!

2. You can email Eloise at if you have any questions or worries!