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Designer Genes Cluster: Using Google Drive as a group

Using Google Drive for this project!

  • Share Notes/outlines/whatever
  • Edits are live. No more sending things back and forth
  • Work on the same thing at the same time!
  • Including a slideshow (check out slidecarnival for lots of cool themes)
  • Working at the same time from different places? You can use the chat feature to have a 'group meeting'

Avoid this!

Project Checklist to use if you'd like!

Here- It's helpful!

To copy this to your group folder:

1. Go to File and click "Make a copy"

2. Give your checklist a rad name.

3. Drag and drop it into your shared folder so everyone can see and edit it!

Creating a Shared Folder

One teammate has to do the legwork t set up a shared folder. Don't worry- it's easy!

1. From your drive, click NEW and select new folder.

2. Give that folder a name. Folders love names...

3. Right-click your folder and select share.

4. Drive works best with people's gmail/google accounts but if a teamate doesn't have one, it'll still work. Make sure that you selece "Can Edit" for the people you add. Send it along!

5. Once your folder is shared, go in there. Everyone should be able to create and edit shared documents, slides, etc. Yay!

Finding a folder someone shared it you

If your teammate shared a folder with you, here's how to access it and add it to your drive!

1. From (when you're signed in), you will see "Shared with me" on your sidebar. Click that to see everything that's shared with you!

 2. Although the shared folder should always be there, you can right-click and select "Add to my Drive" to add it to your front page and easily access it in the future!