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Designer Genes Cluster: Understanding your Topic


Today we'll get you ready for your proposal, working bibliography, and your eventual final project!

Don't hesitate to hit me up if you ever want to talk about this or any other research project. I promise I usually make things way eaiser.

McGill 109

Your Assignment

Planning for your search

Your question: What is the public perception of GMOs?

What types of sources will help you explore this question: newspapers, advocacy websites, books, encyclopedias, scholarly articles

What fields do you think have ongoing conversations about this topic: Biology, political science, mainstream media, law, ethics, environmental science, chemistry, cultural studies

Explore Wikipedia, Credo, and Google (especially by adding [] to your search) list at least 10 keywords that you might be able to mix and match to help you gain more insight into these topics:

  • Public
  • Perception
  • risk
  • "Genetically Modified Organisms:
  • health
  • environmental
  • economic
  • food production
  • pesticides
  • monoculture
  • monsanto
  • greenpeace
  • Norman Borlaug
  • farming
  • labeling

How do scientists view GMOs compared to the public?

Has public perception of GMOs impacted legistlation-? talk to teamate working on legistlation- possible transition?