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Studies in Sociology

ASA Quick Examples


Typically include the author's name, the year published, and the page number (if applicable).

Example: (Hildenbrand 1999:47)

If the author is mentioned by name in the preceding sentences (e.g. "According to Hildenbrand...") leave out the author's name.

Example: (1999:47)


For a Book

Author Last, First and Author First Last. Year of Pub.Title. City, State Abb./Country of Publisher: Publisher.

For a Journal Article

Author Last, First. Year of Pub. "Title." Journal Name volume # (issue #): inclusive page numbers if available.

For a Website

Corporate Author Name or Last Name, First of Author. Date of Pub. "Title." Retrieved Month Day, Year (URL).

If you Want...Endnote

MyEndnoteWeb can be a great resource for saving, organizing, and citing!

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