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SPE 111: Home


You before today

  • Tired
  • Sad
  • Unsure
  • Bad posture






You after today

  • Joyous
  • Eye contact
  • Topics you're passionate about
  • 'Bout to blow the lid off this conspiracy


Your Upcoming Speeches

·                Life Lesson Speech:  For 2 minutes, you will describe how an experience in your life taught you an important lesson. You are not required to incorporate any outside sources, but you must give proper citations for any that you use in the speech. 


·                Cliché Speech:  You will deliver a 2 minute speech on a popular phrase.


·                Name Speech:  For 2 minutes, you will teach the audience about your name.


·                Speech to Inform:  You will inform the audience for 5-6 minutes about a topic that you will choose. Your speech topic must be approved. Your topic will be evaluated for its appropriateness to the audience and occasion. The speech must incorporate at least three outside sources, all of which must be properly cited in the speech.


·                Speech to Persuade:  In this speech, you will inspire us to take a particular action involving a current controversial issue. Your speech topic must be approved. This 6-7 minute speech should represent your beliefs, but should also be supported by at least five other sources, properly cited in the speech. You must include one visual aid, properly incorporated into the speech.


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