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HON 201: Site Research

Statue of Themis, Greek Goddess of Justice by Lucas.

Themis by Lucas, located at Chuo University, Tokyo. Image credit: Britannic Academic

Assignment Details

Paper 3 is a definitional argument about the concept of Justice. In other words, what is Justice? How did the Greeks understand the concept of Justice? What does it mean to "be just"?

Source Requirements: TWO Course texts and AT LEAST TWO additional scholarly sources

  • Non-peer-reviewed sources may be used, however, you must have as many peer-reviewed (scholarly) sources as non-peer-reviewed (non-scholarly) sources. For example, if you want to use two non-peer-reviewed sources, you must also have two peer-reviewed sources for a total of 6 sources (2 course texts, 2 non-peer-reviewed texts, and 2 peer-reviewed texts)

Length: 5-6 pages

Citation Style: MLA


To begin, let's work through the research process. 

  1. Understand your assignment - Review your assignment and be sure you know what is expected of you.
  2. Choose a topic - In this case, your topic will be defining the concept of Justice
  3. Write a research question What, specifically, are you arguing? What question(s) do you need to answer to make that argument? 
  4. Generate keywords - What keywords might help you find sources about Justice? Check out this guide for help
  5. Find Background information 
  6. Begin searching for scholarly sources

Recommended Resources

Who can help me write my paper?

Librarians are here to help you get started with your research, find resources while you are researching, and help you identify the information you need to complete your citations.  We can also provide some guidance on how to structure your paper or format your citations, but the tutors at the Academic Success Center are the best people to help you with your writing.

Writing tutors are able to read your paper and help you edit it, both at the word/sentence level and to improve flow and structure.  They can also help you proofread your citations and ensure they are properly formated. 

No matter the size, topic, or scope of your paper you should consider having a writing tutor read it and provide feedback before you turn it in (allow time for editing!).  Every paper benefits from a second opinion!