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HON 201: Site Research

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HON 201C Group Presentation

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Exploring Ancient Sites in Greece

As we have seen, what we know about ancient Greek civilization is passed down through the story and song of oral tradition, as well as philosophical and historical texts. But what we know continues to expand as archeologists find new evidence of the lives of the Ancient Greeks.Even though we will have trained archeologists with us this May who will lecture on site, we believe hat if you do a little research ahead of time, the experience will be deeper and richer. These sites, both religious and political, play an important part in our understanding of the literary, philosophical, and historical material we have been examining.Your assignment is to research your given site and identify a minimum of three sources that provide substantial, accurate information about its history and importance. Be sure to pay attention to the museums that house the objects from these sites and look those up as well; we will be visiting many of these. Then,in a 15-20 minute oral presentation,inform us about the significance of your site to the issues we have been discussing in class.Here, you should cite two primary sources(minimum) that we have read this semester.Your group should also raise one or more specific questions that you wish to ask of archeologists during our trip.While each group needs to incorporate five sources (3 secondary, 2 primary), there are multiple ways to carry out this assignment, and we will leave the style and format of your presentation up to each individual group