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HON 201: Site Research

Assignment Details

Identify and share the history and importance of your assigned archaeological site.

Source Requirements: THREE credible sources and AT LEAST TWO primary sources from class.

Length: 15-20 minute oral presentation in a format of your choosing

Citation Style: MLA


To begin, let's work through the research process. 

  1. Understand your assignment - Review your assignment and be sure you know what is expected of you.
  2. Choose a topic - In this case, your topic will be the history and importance of your site
  3. Write a research question What question(s) do you need to answer? What do you need to know to do this presentation well? 
  4. Generate keywords - What keywords might help you answer those questions? Check out this guide for help
  5. Find Background information 
  6. Begin searching for scholarly sources

Recommended Resources

Here are a few great places to find information on your location:

Slides need citations too!