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EDU 351

Content Area Unit of Study

Each student will select a Unit of Study with their practicum teacher.

Students will develop one Unit of Study lesson to add to the teacher's unit, which includes:

  • Goals and essential questions,
  • Teacher journal articles,
  • Y.A. literature,
  • Everyday texts,
  • New literacies/technology resources,
  • Assessment tools.  

Useful Databases for Content Area Unit

Using the Children's Library

McGill Children's Library

Remember, there are 4 collections housed within the Children's Room in McGill Library.

  • Picture Book Collection (Ages 0-5/6): Includes books appropriate for children aged approximately 0 - 5/6.  Both fiction and non-fiction works are included.  Books have a white dot on the spine.
  • EZ Read Collection (Early readers): Includes books appropriate for early or beginning readers.  Books in this collection are clearly marked as such on the binding of the book. Books have a gold star on the spine.
  • “Juvenile” Collection (Ages 5/6-11): Includes fiction books appropriate for children aged approximately 5/6 through 11.  Includes non-fiction works appropriate for children aged approximately 5/6 and older.  Books have a blue square on the spine.
  • Young Adult Literature Collection (Ages 12-18): Includes fiction appropriate for children and young adults aged approximately 12-18 years. Books have a "young adult" sticker on the spine.

Remember, if you need help finding something, PLEASE ask!  Our Children's Room gets a lot of use (which we love), but little hands often mis-shelve. 


Lexile Level Help: