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EDU 940: Research: The Research Process

What you're in for.

Subject Guide

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Eloise Stevens
McGill 107

Preliminary Searching

Before you jump into using library resources and scholarly sources, it helps to learn more about your topic, brainstorm possibilities for narrowing it down, and listing keywords related to your topic as well as any questions you have.

Understanding what you know and having a sense of what you don't know will be a big help as you start gathering resources, reading those resources, and fleshing out your understanding of your topic. Writing it all out to revisit can also be a big help.

For example, because of it's what I am most familiar with, and because I like being meta, let's say I want to write about "Information Literacy"

Topic: Information Literacy


Library  Research Technology
Outcome   Frameword Standards

Two ways to narrow it down?

Discipline based model of information literacy

Applications of instructional technology in information literacy

Questions I have:

How do professors feels about information literacy coming from the library? Or can we not even generalize?

How can information literacy be integrated into prexisting learning outcomes for different classes?

How do humor and games impact student learning when it comes to information literacy?

How are information literacy skills used differently within different disciplines?