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ES 601: Environmental Science Capstone: Home

This libguide is designed to support ES601 students as they complete their library assignment and annotated bibliography.

Using Literature in Capstone

From the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

In Capstone, you should be able to:

  • Develop questions and keywords in order to gain insight into the broad and specific contexts of our project
  • Articulate what kinds of information you need in order to address the questions you asked.
  • Apply different search strategies in order to effectively find useful information within the literature
  • Analyze source information in order to evaluate quality, relevance, and perspective
  • Use Mendeley in order to manage and remember useful resources

This session is meant to set you up for success in your proposal and annotated bibliography assignments as well as your semester-long project. We will be working on developing some of these skills and working on your bibliography today, this libguide is a resource for you to revisit throughout the semester.


Goals for Today


  • Develop research questions to purposefully find appropriate resources
  • Revisit and review academic resources for their capstone project
  • Use Mendeley to import, and organize citations and create a bibliography
    1. By end of class, you will have 5 relevant sources in a shared Mendeley group

Subject Guide

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