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PSY 101 SP 2020: Home

Guide for Psychology 101 Students

Your Assignment

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You: Before Today

You: After Today



Why is a good topic important?

1. You'll eventually write a paper or do a presentation exploring this topic. A topic that's too broad will likely result in a paper/presentation that is scattered and not very specific. A topic that's too narrow will mean you will struggle to find enough information to support your thesis. 

2. A good topic makes the research process a lot easier. You don't want to be overwhelmed by results but you also want to find some peer-reviewed sources that are relevant to your topic!

3. You'll be spending the rest of the semester with this topic, so hopefully it's one you find interesting and you like!


After today's class, you should feel more prepared to:

  1. Develop an appropriately-focused topic 
  2. Identify at least one helpful resource from PsycNet
  3. Know where to find information about the APA citation style


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