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HON 203: Battle for Public Memory: Genealogy Resources

Goals for Today

Before class:

  • Discuss your family history with a relative, try to complete the family tree outline to the best of your ability. 
  • Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Confirm that you can log into the site

Goals for today's class:

  • Introduction to genealogy resources 
  • Take good notes!
  • Use web and library resources to begin to place what you've learned into historical context

After today:

  • Cancel your subscription if needed
  • Continue to grow your understanding of the historical time/place/event with academic resources
  • Write your paper!
  • Be awesome!

Your Assignment



Genealogy Assignment:


You will interview one family member who is over 50 years old to discover one thing about your family’s history that you did not know. Take good notes....


You will be introduced to some resources you can use to further investigate the information you discover in the interview.


Use the information and your research to pull together a cohesive narrative. Write a 1-2-page paper on what you discovered about your family history.


This paper is due to the dropbox on D2L by Monday, October 30.


It will be assessed as part of your participation grade.


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