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HON 203: Battle for Public Memory: Pt 3: Connecting your family to history

Where to start


When you create your narrative, it may be useful to start with a sense of what was happening in a certain time and place.

Feel free to use background sources like Wikipedia (a great place to start, a less great place to end) or another site to get a sense of the events, people, and places that your family may have known of or events they possibly played a role in. This information you may be able to use in any research you do, or in further conversation with your family.  A list of additional background information repositories is in the "Helpful Links" box below!

Helpful Links

Where to go

Plan out your search strategy by asking what you'd like to focus your narrative on: 

Would you like to tell the story of your family from before they came to America,

Why they may have moved,

Or what challenges they might have faced in the United States?

Or do you need broader, background information?