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ENG 448 - The Roaring 20s: Long Paper Assignment

Resources to help with ENG 448 research and writing assignments

Intro and Welcome

Hey guess what?  We are online now!  So this guide is meant to stand in place of us coming to your class, which I think (at least for us) is not nearly as much fun.  BUT we are here for you!  This guide is here to take the place of us talking to you as a class, but I sincerely hope that you will reach out to one of us if you need help.  

Lots of love, 
Nikki and Jamie (Your friendly neighborhood librarians)

Assignment Text

Your long paper assignment requires:

  • 2 primary literary sources
  • 4 credible secondary sources (including 1 archival and 1 literary criticism source)

You must also:

  • develop a research question
  • answer that question with a thesis
  • synthesize and integrate your sources, and
  • cite your sources using MLA

This guide (and your librarian) can help with all of these things!

The CRAAP Test

Hopefully this will sound familiar to you!  How do you know whether the sources you want to use in your paper are credible?  The CRAAP Test is a way to think about and evaluate your sources. There are 5 elements to think about:

Image result for CRAAP test

If your source doesn't "pass" the CRAAP test, you might want to re-think citing it in your paper. 

Thanks to Daytona State College for this image!

Subject Guide

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Jamie Kohler

Nikki Clayton

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Jamie Kohler

General Tips For Success

  •  Make notes, drafts, and revisions. Start early and take your time.
  • Utilize resources: Professor, Librarian, Academic Success Center 
  • Read sources for background information, even if you don’t cite them in your annotated bibliography.
  • Plan ahead. Make a timeline or calendar. Set goals realistically and meet goals consistently.