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ENG 448 - The Roaring 20s: Generating and Refining your Topic

Resources to help with ENG 448 research and writing assignments

Step 1: Making Choices

First, you'll need to make a few choices. 

  1. What are the two course texts you'll be examining in your paper? 
  2. What critical perspective will you be using as you examine your texts?  

These questions will inform each other! 

As you think about these choices, also consider what YOU are interested in.  You'll be spending a lot of time working on this project - you might as well enjoy your subject matter!  

Step 2: Developing your Topic

Do some exploratory/preliminary research.  See what they experts are saying about your texts before you commit.  A WISE or Google search might be your best bet here!  You will likely NOT be citing what you find in your preliminary research in your final paper's bibliography.

Step 3: Being OK with Making Changes

Research is a messy process.  You may start out with an awesome idea, but it might not be born out in the scholarly literature that you read.  It is OK to tweak your topic and to follow an off-shooting path.  Don't feel completely stuck with your topic.  It's completely normal to adjust as you read and learn more.

Need help developing your topic? Ask me!

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