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AI Resources and Tools

This guide is an ongoing project and should be viewed as "under construction."

Getting Started

Coined by emeritus Stanford Professor John McCarthy in 1955, the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was defined as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines."  AI is designed to simulate human intelligence and awareness, allowing machines to mimic human learning, problem-solving, and logics. This can include voice recognition, robotics, and intelligent agents. 

AI is used across industries to describe various functions, from facial recognition software to the Smart Compose features in email to self-driving cars. AI is part of our everyday lives, whether it be at work, at school, or at home. 

AI has become steadily more pervasive over the last decade, but with the advancement of Generative AI and LLMs we have seen a rapid rise in the use and availability of AI tools.


Background Information

These links are to resources that help provide a baseline for the conversation around AI in higher education and the global workforce. They include books, videos, articles, and blogs that help to build upon what you already know (or think you know) about AI. 

AI & Higher Education: News

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