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BIO 180: Nutrition: Home


After todays class, you should feel more prepared to:

  1. Identify original research and articulate the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.
  2. Apply close reading strategies to understand challenging material.
  3. Summarize academic research and discuss how it connects to real-life issues.

Your Assignment

You will explore the Healthy People website at and choose one initiative that is new for 2020.  The student will explore the overview, objectives and at least one reference. 

Then you will compose a 1-2 page typed paper describing the initiative chosen, why it is important and what steps must be taken to meet the goals of the initiative.

Along with their paper, you will closely read and annotate one academic primary or secondary study cited in the overview and submit your annotated source as well as a 1-page summary of the primary or secondary research article. 


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