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PSY 212: Personality: Reviewing your Review!



Steps to Success!

Steps to a supercalifragilistic lit review

  1. Plan and think!
  2. Find peer-reviewed, empirical journal articles
  3. Read and evaluate the resources you've found
  4. Create a properly-formatted APA bibliography
  5. Write the paper (this should be the easy part if you've done everything carefully up to this point!)

Your Literature Review

Your major assignment for this course is a literature review on a topic of your choice related to personality psychology. (Important: You need to have your topic approved by Dr. Richman either in person or via e-mail)

Your literature review will be due on April 7th

A topic summary and list of 5 sources (In proper APA style) will be due on March 6th

Your literature review should review and synthesize at least 5 sources related to your topic within 6-8 pages. You should demonstrate an understanding of how each source relates to your topic and to each other. You will also be graded on your use of APA style and the quality of your sources.


For your convenience, the complete assignment has been attached below!